Somatic Energy Therapies', goal is to educate and equip each client and student with the skills to awaken and manage their innate healer. Our Practitioners understand health to be a "process" of constant discovery. Believing that health is never lost, though appearing illusive, the human body is constantly cycling stages of health conditions. There exists for each of individual, techniques and information in the holistic, therapeutic and educational arena that helps to revive, balance and harmonize our health toward a better managed condition.


SETherapies, LLC is a natural wellness and educational facility that encourages and empowers clients, both individual and corporate to access and manage personal health and wellness via simple and natural means.  


Our Board-Certified practitioners schedule private treatment appointments with clients in Berkeley Springs, WV and Washington, DC. They teach a professional Board Certified therapeutic modality called Polarity Therapy,  a six-level training program in Tuning Fork Therapy, Introduction to Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy as well as other health and wellness workshops. They are also available as conference presenters and keynote speakers.


Schedule an appointment with one of our practitioners to begin your journey into "health building" and health management programs.

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Energy is the substance behind the appearance of all matter and forms. Health is the process of bringing the body's energy centers into harmonization and balance.


- Dr. Randolph Stone (Polarity Therapy)

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