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Cell Salts are the 12 basic  essential minerals that the body needs for building and perfecting its cellular foundation.


An analysis of ashes after cremation reveals the presence of these minerals. They are the natural mineral compounds that combine with water and organic matter to compose the cells and tissues of our bodies. They are essential for growth and development of every part of the human system.  They also support the development of our emotional and spiritual bodies.


The Cell Salt remedies were formulated in Germany by Dr. Wm. Schuessler, father of Homeopathy. Dr. Geo. Carey, an American, expanded the original chemical concept and added that there was an Astrological connection with each of these 12 minerals that corresponded chemical support for all systems of our physical body.


SET has incorporated research from both scientists to develop the concept that the Cell Salts provide both a vital energy force and chemical importance for the human body. With the Principles of Polarity Therapy as a foundation, SET uses this information to strengthen the basic elemental components of our bodies. We are a projection of the environment’s solid, water, heat, oxygen and space. We think minerals may be the missing link in providing the opportunity for balancing our Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether elements.


Our goal is to assist you in finding balance and harmonization in your vital life force and your chemical body. By analyzing your birth chart we can see what the Astrological and Biochemical relations are. By applying the Principles of Polarity Therapy, we look to see the elemental balance.  From Polarity Therapy, we know that the Five Elements are the basic foundation to all structure, both organic and inorganic.


We look for an “effortless effort” flow of vital life force as it comes into the body. Also we look for areas where chemical compounds may be unbalanced.  


We look at the information elementally for balances and challenges that cause a lack of harmonization of vital energy and chemical components. Our understanding is that both chemical and vital energy are necessary for achieving better health and wellness.


Clients have revealed some wonderful findings when they begin taking the supplemental remedies. The Cell Salts have helped them to overcome and eliminate both emotional and physical symptoms when taken according to their elemental imbalance.


Our training and focus in using your astrological chart is not to tell you about your life’s journey Many wonderful trained Astrologers do that. Our goal is energetic and nutritional. Our mythology is  that our Astrological chart gives us the blueprint to align our energy body and physical body to make our earthly experience as pleasurable as possible.

Aries - Kali Phos - FIRE

Affects the brain and nerves. May relieve grief, depression and injuries. Energy receptor


Taurus - Natrum Sulph - EARTH

Affects liver and gall bladder. Energy transition


Gemini - Kali Mur - AIR

Important in cleansing all our systems, puffy face, important for blood purity.


Cancer - Calc Fluor - WATER

Bone, muscle, joints, teeth and vein cells


Leo - Magnesium Phos - FIRE

Backache, sciatica, neuritis, cramps, digestion


Virgo - Kali Sulph - EARTH

Skin, intestine, colon, stomach, hair, inflammation, need space


Libra - Natrum Phos– AIR

Too much acid in the system, decrease sugar high, swollen joints, rheumatism, sour stomach


Scorpio - Calcarea Sulph - WATER

Colds, pimples, sore throat, heal wounds


Sagittarius - Silca - FIRE

Internal cleanser, nature’s surgeon, sinus, ear congestion, constipation, body smells, aids crystalline system of the body, strengthens hair, skin, teeth, veins, erections


Capricorn - Calcarea Phos - EARTH

Aids structural conditions, growth, puberty challenges, school headaches, , anemia, persistent cough, weak digestion, joint pain, cold hands and feet


Aquarius - Natrum Mur - AIR

Improves circulation, lift spirits after depression, anger or disappointment, opens emotions, brings moisture to skin, hayfever, glands, body fluids, balances “too much salt in the body.”


Pisces - Ferrum Phos - Water

Provides path for oxygen into the body, iron, helps blood do its job, inflammation, fevers, fatigue or weariness.

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