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Tom Langan, BCPP, RCST® , RPE

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist & Polarity Therapy Practitioner



Reconnecting With Original Blueprint


For years Linda had sought help for her physical ailment …… during her ERI session she had a memory of her parents having “make-up” sex from which she was conceived. Could being conceived in contracted, angry birth cells be an explanation for her fibromyalgia?  Outwardly she was successful in everything she did. But her self-defeating thoughts seems to sabotage her inner feeling of success. The memory of being sexually abused gave her the insight to seek professional help to work through obstructions in her life. She found her voice to scream out against her abuser.


Two-month old John was born with what the doctor said was a “cold.” Antibiotics were prescribed. But with an ERI session, his lungs cleared up and the cough left.


Eighteen-month old Kathy had not slept a full night since her coming home, thus neither had her parents. After her EIR session, her internal switch seemed to reset, letting her experience her first eight hours of sleep during the night - to the delight of happy parents!


“I noticed that my best friend looked twenty years younger and seemed to glow. Therefore I decided to experience the ERI session for myself on my birthday. It was a wonderful experience. I also noticed my mother’s 3-week visit with us was not as anxious as it usually was. “I saw what the experience did for my wife, so I scheduled mine for my birthday gift to  me.”


One month old Gary’s parents were anxious about the ERI session with their first born. A cesarean, induced birth presented  some interesting digestive and structural challenges for this sweet bundle of joy. After the ERI session subtle changes with sleep, bowel movements, and nocturnal chattering changed. The chiropractor attending to Gary saw spinal improvements.


Most ERI sessions are more subtle and not as immediately obvious and dramatic as the above testimonials. Changes happen on an energetic level and project into the physical form. So, what is ERI?

Energetic Re-Imprinting 


This channeled work to Energy Practitioner Tom Langan, BCPP, RCST®, RPE incorporates the use of Zodiacal Perfumes  and Chakra Perfumes from blended essential oils,  Caduceus’ Ida, Pingala, Shushumna, planetary tuning forks, AstrobioChemical Cell Salts, and Craniosacral Therapy. 


The client relaxes on a therapeutic table while Tom invokes the OM energy through the use of OM Tuning forks. This energy opens the information pathways for the body’s acceptance of the essential oils blended to stimulate the energy of the Sun, Moon and Gaia. He continues the energetic clearing and re-imprinting beginning in the etheric chakras of the body as they involute from Source into the physical body. From here he brings in the other Zodiacal energies, usually completing with Pisces and the planetary vibrations of Neptune. At each of the gateways of energetic entry, he uses the Cells Salts to provide grounding into the physical body for support and rebuilding.


The client does not receive suggestive thoughts but is guided through a beautiful imaging of a soul leaving the safety, comfort and love of Source and incarnating into their physical body. The client gathers information from a cellular and soul level that had been forgotten during the trauma of leaving the comfort of  soul’s home and coming into the gravitational forces of the Earth’s environment. Some of this information is immediate and readily available for personal application. Some of the information comes in through dreams, discussion, counseling and “memories.”


ERI is a life changing ritual that one can experience many times throughout their lives. It is especially beneficial during your birthday season or when your are trying to gather spiritual and physical information. Babies and young children seem to respond quicker since they have not developed as many  energetic limitations that affect the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.


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