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March 24-25 - Introduction to                Polarity Therapy

Two-Day Workshop in Berkeley Springs. Register now.                The workshop hours earned are credited to the entire            training program in Polarity. Discover ancient wisdom applied to your current daily life. Energy Medicine as you have never experienced. It is a perfect way of discovering, health, wellness and life principles of nutrition and movement.


Perfect adjunct to existing professions, starting a new career, or for the "stay at home Mom/Dad".

Location: Ice House                  Hours: 9:30-5:30 Daily                  Cost (Includes class notes): $285


April 14-15 - Tuning Fork Therapy -       Levels One & Two, in Lakewood, OH

Level One is Pre-requisite for other 5 workshop Levels. Registration OPEN NOW.

For centuries sound vibrations have been used to awaken "dormant" health. Pythagoras, the Father of Western Music formulated how particular vibrations resulted in the body's ability to find health, wellness and balance. Everything that is, is energy and vibrations. This two-day workshop develops your skills using healing tones and sounds with Tuning Fork Therapy.


Deepen your meditation. Learn to balance your energy body for yourself and your family. Benefits practitioners from al modalities. Energetic adjunct to existing skills.


Location: AXA Advisors, Lakewood, OH                          Hours: 9:30am-5pm each day                   Cost, includes notes: $200/day                                      

Tuning Forks: Order from us 2 weeks prior to workshop to receive your 10% discount on your purchase






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