* Somatic Energy Therapies, LLC WV/DC is 1 of 14 National Association Approved Trainers in the

Board Certified Program.  All teachers are Board Certified Polarity Practitioners and Registered Polarity Educators.


Begin your Polarity Therapy training with us in our Board Certified approved program from the American

Polarity Therapy Association (APTA)


APTA is the first energy medicine modality that offers Board Certification to those students who complete the 675 hour

program and pass the national certification exam. The certification program is sponsored by an international accreditations

organization. This new program offers greater visibility and marketing recognition for the general public. Corporations and

insurance companies are beginning to approve BCPP (Board Certified Polarity Practitioners) to their list of modalities

covered under their health programs.


We invite you to our SETherapies' programs for completing your training, expertise and certification credentials as you step

into this advancing field of natural wellness and integrative medicine knowledge. Our teachers are highly trained in various fields of energetic health and wellness as well as conventional therapies of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, coaching, nutrition, bodywork, sound vibrations, anatomy, yoga and Tuning Fork Therapy.


The holistic wellness-science of Polarity Therapy has come into a new awakening. More and more people are beginning to experience its unique and holistic approach in bringing harmony and balance to bodies experiencing pain, stress discomfort, dis-ease and both physical and emotional trauma. As we share with each beginning class of Polarity Therapy training, "once you step into the knowledge of Polarity Therapy, your life will never be the same." During the training, future practitioners learn not only to address the wellness needs of their client-base, but also their own. The awakening of conscious awareness is exciting.


Polarity Therapy is a wellness system that is more complete than any other system (modality) of energetic or physical touch. Its focus is to bring a unified balance of the elemental building blocks of each client so that they reach alignment with those same elements in their environment. Both the human body and the nature environment around it are composed of 5 major elements: solid (Earth), liquid (Water), heat (Fire), gases (Air) and space (Ether). Practitioners learn to address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of each individual's elemental body to offer a complete balancing of the human system.


The practitioner begins each treatment with a client by addressing the substrate energy as well as the physical matter that appears to be "out of balance". Our practitioners are trained to address the information of BioEnergetic fields, not pathologies. It is this imbalance od "information" from which pain is created as well as sadness, depressions, addictions, dis-ease and stress to name a few.


Another "gem" that we share with students throughout the program is "Polarity Therapy is caught, not taught." SETherapies offers the highest level of professional training available, but it is the student who has to be able to be open and receptive to receive the knowledge of Universal Truth in order to fully integrate its understanding into every cell of their being. Polarity Therapy as a wellness/health discipline stands on its own merits and credentials as a viable system for the beginning energy practitioner of health, and for those who already run and maintain a practice of wellness and therapeutic healing. One footnote of verification is: SETherapies does not teach anyone to be a healer. We provide the skills and knowledge to allow students to learn to assist their clients to facilitate their own healing process.


Somatic Energy Therapies, LLC is an internationally approved training program as approved by the APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association) - The first level of certification is the Associate Polarity Practitioner level. This designation requires 175 hours and is completed by meeting one full weekend a month for 10 months. Our certification program requires 675 hours of completion which qualifies the student to sit for the national certification exam.


The training addresses Principles of Polarity Therapy, the energetic being, the physical (anatomy and physiology), communication-facilitation, ethics, energetic evaluation, energetic nutrition, energetic stretches (yoga) and techniques of energy touch.



Confidential  Application Form


Name __________________________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________________


City _______________________   State _______   Zip ________________


Phone (H)_________________  (W) _____________________


Email ________________________________   Birth date _____/_____/_____


Emergency Contact Person _____________________________________

Phone (H) ________________________  (W) _________________________

Relationship ___________________________


Use  additional paper to explain answers to question 1-3, if needed.

1. Are you currently under the care of a Doctor of Medicine, Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Homeopathy.    _____ No  ____ Yes (Explain) List medications

2. Are you currently under the care of a psychotherapist? ___ No ____ Yes

3. Have you ever been convicted of a felony?  ___No  _____Yes (Explain)

4. List formal and informal education

5. Do you have health related work experience? If so, explain

6. List your personal goals as they relate to this training.

7. Discuss your financial situation and how you plan to meet your tuition requirements. (I.e. Full tuition payment or installments)

8. What are your academic strengths?

9. What are your academic challenges?

10. What are your personality strengths?

11. What are your personality challenges?

12. Do you have any physical limitations?

13. Do you have any learning challenges?

14. Going back 20 years, list any injuries, surgeries or accidents.

15. Include a black and white passport photo.

16. Include at least one letter of character reference.

17. List most convenient times for personal phone interview


I  affirm that the information herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.


Date: ___________________


Signature: _________________________________________________


Questions in application are to gain better understanding of student and their needs.



APP Enrollment Agreement


Name: ________________________________________________


Address: _______________________________________________


City: ________________  State: __________  Zip: _____________


Phone: (H)_____________  (W) ____________ Email:


Entrance Requirements:

Completion of APP application form and receipt of all additional information.

Commitment to attend all class dates unless unavoidable restricted.

Commitment to be punctual for all class events.

Commitment to be prepared physically and mentally for each module.

Understanding that class absence requires a make up session for a minimal tutoring fee plus full workshop fee.

Payment of nonrefundable application fee of $25.

If paying per module, agreeing to pay the first day of each workshop module.


Tuition Cost:  Each Weekend Module cost: $285

             10 Module Weekends X $285 =

TOTAL                    $2850        

Cost breakdown: $12.25 per training hour

Additional Cost:

Books                $150 (Approx)

5 Polarity Session from RPPs        $500

APTA Membership            $45

CPR Course                $50 (Approx)


Refund Policy:

Agreement can be terminated in writing at any time

No refund on modules completed.

Application fee and deposit are not refundable


I understand and agree to the terms listed.


Signature: ________________________________  Date: ________________



For Your Information


   Requirements for those entering APP &/or RPP programs differ from Continuing Education attendees and individual participants. For the latter, only a general completed application for the desired workshop is required. For the former, admission requirements and procedures differ, inclusive of an informal interview and more detailed application to determine participants qualifications and skill level.

   Refund Policy: If a student withdraws 48 hours prior to the beginning of a program, class, or workshop, 100% of amount paid will be refunded, minus a processing fee. If withdrawal occurs after the program begins, the prepaid amount will be returned at a pro-rated adjustment. If scheduled event is canceled before it begins, all participants receive full refund. Anyone dismissed from a program will receive 25% refund of unused tuition.

   Fees differ regarding program or workshop enrollment. You will receive fee information with a full description of the event. Fees are to be paid in full prior to class, workshop, program beginning unless otherwise arranged with the program manager.

   Persons 18 years old or older can enroll in any scheduled event.

   Students needing attendance documentation or applying for continuing education hours must notify the instructor prior to the class beginning.

   Grievances, for any reason, must be presented to the Program Manger in writing for mediated resolution.

   APP & RPP students will receive additional information upon registration regarding fees, attendance records, transcript and transfer policies, grievance procedure and all admission qualifications.

   All workshops, classes and training programs are taught by credentialed persons who excel in the topic. All training program facilitators are Registered Polarity Practitioners or Educators, with the exception of the nutrition instructor who is APP, but has the highest credentials in the field of herbs and nutrition. All other workshop facilitators have a working knowledge of Polarity or  are working toward a Polarity designation. All questions regarding a facilitator’s abilities or credentials are welcomed in writing to the program manager.

   Students and participants receive evaluation forms for all classes, workshops and training programs to provide input regarding facilitator skills, topic benefits, and improvement of events.

   Punctual attendance is encouraged. Participants who arrived 15 minutes after the scheduled beginning of a workshop or class will receive one less hour for credit toward program requirements or continuing education units.

   The program manager and other facilitators hold all student’s records and personal comments in strict confidentiality.

   SET is inclusive of race creed, color and sexual orientation.


Polarity Therapy Training Programs*

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