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Level I & II: (April 14-15, 2018) - Tuning Fork Therapy Level One, Cleveland, OH. Join us for a two day training in the fundamentals of Tuning Fork Therapy. Level One is prerequisite for the other 5 levels of training.  $200 per day of training. Time: 9:30-5:30 each day. Contact us at 304-258-9751 or via email: to register. Registration form located on Registration Page.


Our training program is developed into six one-day workshops.

Level One is a foundation and theory builder. This level is prerequisite for the other two levels. In this level you will learn about the basic hertz of each of the Tuning Forks. You will learn to facilitate the energy currents that are primal to the body's energy system. You will discover how each fork targets the vibration of the major chakras of the body.


  • Learn how to use the forks for your personal meditation and health. Learn the mechanics of holding the forks and producing the sound that establishes "entrainment" with particular areas of the body      

  • Learn to distinguish vibrations to awaken and facilitate the healing process

  • Learn general wellness protocols for balancing energy. Learn which notes relate to different parts of the body

  • Discover the relationship of tones and chakras 


10% Discount on Full Spectrum Tuning Forks When Purchased for Workshops. Must order 2 weeks prior to Workshop.

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Tuning Fork and Sound healing is a therapeutic application of sound frequencies applied to the energy field of a body/mind of a person to assist in bringing them into a state of harmony and health. The dictionary defines "illness" as a lack of harmony. It defines 'harmony' as 'congruity of parts to their whole or to one another'. 'Health' is defined as being "in tune" ...'the state of being bodily and mentally vigorous and free of disease'.


Sound is vibration that is measured by "hertz". Various intensity of the hertz measurement produce different tones and sounds. All sounds affect the human body. For centuries shamans and healers have know that sound can bring balance and health to the body. Pythagoras, the Father of Music formulated how particular vibrations facilitated the possible perfection of health and  elevation of consciousness in the body’s ability to discover its innate healer. Everything that is, is energy and vibrations. Our training workshops offer the participant skill building information and techniques, as well as the ability to explore deeper concepts in the healing arts.


Polarity Therapy, Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, Zero Balancing, or any other modality, this workshop will benefit and support you and your clients.  The foundation to this workshop is the energetic Principles of Polarity Therapy. Even so, all wellness modalities and every practitioner will be able to adapt the training theory to their particular needs and wellness philosophy.  


Build your professional practice as you develop or expand your skills using wellness sounds and tones with Tuning Fork Therapy.


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