Level II:

This level will build upon the foundation the first one. Discover how to facilitate an awakening of the energy body by working with Sacred Geometry. We will address the power of the 5 and 6 Pointed Stars to help bring balance and harmony into every part of the body. Level II continues to explore and experience on  how to manifest harmony and balance for health and wellness.  Pythagoras taught that every cell and atom of the body produces a particular sound due to its movement and interaction with its environment. It establishes a distinct rhythm and vibration. All sounds in nature form a universal harmony or disharmony in which every element, while having its own function and character contributes to the whole, to the Universal Orchestra. In this level we will introduce the Planetary Tuning Forks and how to establish planetary energy contact and "entrainment" to awaken health and create balance and harmony. The principle of entrainment states that powerful rhythmic vibrations from one source will invite  less powerful vibrations of another source to connect into the vibration of the first source. Nature always seeks the most efficient state to bring about wellness.


The spine, as well as all bones, responds to the vibrations of the tuning fork. We will present the Harmonics of the Spine and how you can help facilitate greater wellness in not only your clients but also for yourself.


Pythagorean calibrated Tuning Forks vibrate at a level that the body recognizes as “health.” Different areas of the body vibrate at different frequencies. When your instrument is “out of tune,” your body may express such imbalances as headaches, stress, anger, inability to meditate, or digestive challenges. During this training discover the power of vibrations to facilitate your body to orchestrate balance and harmony.



Level III:

Healing occurs in a Sacred Space. Sound can help you, your family and clients find that space to:

  • Reduce Stress

  • Relieve Pain

  • Elevate Consciousness

  • Improve Health

  • Deepen Sense of Peace ….. With Vibrational Sound Healing


In level III we will introduce how Tuning Forks, including Sharp Tones, Nerve Forks, Brain Tuners, Planetary and other forks can be applied to balance meridian and marma points. In addition we will share with you major areas of the body where different Tuning Forks can be used to reduce pain, stress and limitation in the energy field of the human body. The power and effectiveness of Sound and Tuning Forks has only recently had its benefits researched, studied and applied to bring wellness to the human body. We continue to investigate the energetic power of this effective energetic work. We will also review and deepen the information from Level II regarding Spinal Harmonics.


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Earn CEUs for NCBTMB and for APTA (American Polarity Therapy Association)

Tuning Fork  & Sound Therapy Training


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