Level IV:

Inter-Laced Triangle


During Level IV students discover how Tuning Fork Therapy helps to bring balance to our clients' sacred geometric patterns. The facilitators introduce the principles of the energetic patterns of the Inter-Laced Triangle, or the 6-Pointed Star. The Star represents the energetic balancing of the etheric patterns as they blend in and infuse with the "earth" energetic patterns. This Masculine Principle theory assists in bringing balance and harmony to the human body and it many systems




Level V:

Spinal Harmonics


The theory in Level V explains the "Triune" relationship of vertebrae system. After an explanation of the theory students will be introduced to additional medial reflexes on the feet that correspond to each vertebrae. The students receive charts of these points on the feet as well as complete descriptive charts of each vertebra and the organs to which they relate. The students will be taught how to work with Tuning Fork Therapy to help bring harmonization to the reflex points on the feet and each vertebrae. Then they will learn how to make this application to both the vertebrae and their corresponding organs. Students will be introduced to the Otto Tuners that work specifically with the vertebrae system and the spinal nerves.




Level VI:



In Level VI, students will learn to work with a special, channeled "re-imprinting" energetic system using Sun, Moon and Ascending planetary vibrations in their personal astrological charts. The theory will explain how the planets vibrations assist in weaving each individuals embryonic development. Each of us are surrounded by vibrations/sounds from the time of conception to the time that our physical bodies leave this earth plane. It is in the womb that we learn that sounds the enter our environment can bring either harmonization or imbalance. During this last level of Tuning Fork Therapy, the students will also receive insight and practice skills to address specific limiting challenges, such as pain, in specific areas of the body by using specific Tuning Forks.

Tuning Fork  & Sound Therapy Training

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